Covid Premiere

You had to submit your name, address, email and telephone number. You had to bring ID and your name is on the ticket. Everyone sat in households with one seat between each of us. We had to wear masks until the lights went down. There were 1200 out of a capacity 1700 seats in the house. It was live broadcast on TV. And it went well. At the end the ovation was oddly quiet, and people left, but some people wouldn't stop. Even after three encores and the iron being in they were clapping. So they took the iron out and the few who were left stood on stage and bowed. I filmed it from behind and someone thought a tourist had got on the stage. Afterwards there was a small party backstage but no guest

Puppetry in the time of corona

We've been working at the Wiener Staatsoper to stage Madame Butterfly for the last 6 weeks. So we are nearly there. The  "General Probe" (hard "G") is at lunch time today and the premiere is on Monday. It will be broadcast on ORFIII at 8.15pm Austria time (time delay), 7.15 UK time, (2.15 East Coast time). It is a one time broadcast and no catch up is planned, so if you want to see something, go to this link (you may need to scroll down to ORF3 to find it): The Opera house has spent 330,000 Euro a month on testing, and has received 6 million Euro to make this possible. We have our temperature taken at the stage door, wearing a colour-coded lanyard, masks inside t

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