Risk is the only choice

Always take the riskiest road you can find. Only a risky idea can lead to success. It's just as hard to do something safe as it is to do something risky. If it fails then it fails, but even safe choices can fail. The problem with a safe choice is that it can't succeed. So it isn't actually a risk at all because you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Risk also inspires the people to get around the project, while safe choices bore people and they will drift off. Finally risk is exciting whatever the outcome.

BBC film about Peter

Click for video (3mins) Creating Peter and the Wolf puppets for the Hollywood Bowl When Danny Boyle needed a stadium towering Grim Reaper for the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, he called on puppet maker Mark Down. As artistic director of the small, London-based puppet company Blind Summit, Mark and his team are used to tall demands. But he admits there have been plenty of challenges ahead of the company's current co-production - accompanying the LA Philharmonic Orchestra in a performance of Peter and the Wolf at the Hollywood Bowl. 26 Aug 2019

Fiction and Truth

“You know, I fight with my journalist friends, who scorn the idea that fiction writing is about following the characters’ words, and we argue about truth – I challenge them to tell me the truth about whether they are honestly recording their interviewees, or whether they edit quotes to suit their story. Everyone manipulates and tries to control – but what I’ve found about fiction is that if you manipulate too much, the characters do not sound like them.” David Bradley from Interview with David Bradley, winner of the NHE Essay Prize 2015 By ingrid Wassenaar read the whole interview here:

4 days after...

Sitting on a bench beside our RV at Cachuma Lake thinking about last week. Can't quite believe we did it. Can't quite believe it happened. Blind Summit at the Hollywood Bowl. John C Reilly was a delight, the LAPhil conducted by Ludovic Morlot were perfect, the puppet charmed, the dancers made people laugh, the camera crew were ace, the lighting was wild, everyone in the crew worked really hard to support us making a drawing on the floor out of tape. We had about 10,000 in and a standing ovation. Thank you Hollywood Bowl. It's been emotional. So - now what?

Reasons and excuses

"I didn't do it yet", is a reason, "I haven't had enough time", is an excuse. As taught to me by Christine Hollinshead our brilliant SM on Peter. Write your own...

Running is led by the legs, jumping is led by the arms.

Of course the legs propel both but we jump by throwing our hands into the air and following them. We wanted to do a run where Peter moved his arms in opposition to his arms and then one where he moved them together. The second move is really a leap. At first the problem seemed to be one of confusion, but the solution was to work out which was leading. When the legs led it was nearly impossible not to do the arms in opposition like running. In order to do them on the same side the arms had to go first. It changed from an uncoordinated run into a balletic jump. Working what leads and what follows is crucial to it looking right. The eyes come alive when it's right.

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