subtitles challenge

Our show tomorrow is at midday in Granada in Spain. In Granada, in Spain, they would say "buenas dias" at this time of day, which translates as "good morning", but literally means "good day". We can't really say "good morning" after midday can we? And "good day" is weird. So we've put "good afternoon". But then we say, in the show "an afternoon on a table" so how do we translate this? "Un dia" (a day) apparently sounds wrong, and so does "Un tardes" (an afternoon). More naturally the Spanish would say "a morning" (un mañana) apparently. The problem is, I think, that it's before lunch, but it's after noon. So anyway the subtitles may be challenging. Well why not?

The Highs and Lows of performing The Table

Last night we did The Table in Zaragoza and it went really well. The audience loved it. The theatre was lovely. It was a natural space for the show. Our volunteer Marta was charming and funny and a really good sport. She came straight up on stage and said, "I don't speak any English" and then got on the puppet and everyone loved her. And afterwards the audience were very enthusiastic and full of praise, especially for Fi (Fiona Clift) who does the feet. And then we went down to our dressing room and Fi burst into tears. She'd had a horrible show. She was furious, desperate, confused, defeated. And she's not the first. Nick who created the role of the feet, and both the other two actors who h

Pulzart-ing is such sweet sorrow...

So long Sfansu Gheorghe an Pulzart Festival! Such a warm welcome, such a great venue, such good company and a great workshop! Shadow puppets, "Storigami", music, beatboxing, video-mapping, 2 times The Table, drinking in the tea-house, piglets running free on the outskirts of town, and most of all a great workshop with local Hungarian-Romanian artists yesterday. We leave a bit of our heart behind. Thank you for having us!

New rehearsal technique for The Table...

So we got to the Pulzart Festival on Thursday night at about 7pm local time after a full day travelling - the taxi left the office at 7.10am. The Theatre is lovely. 120 seats black box with a large flat floor stage. Almost the perfect space for The Table. We're here to do two shows and a workshop on Sunday. Whenever we do The Table there is always a slightly fraught and sometimes emotional pre-show rehearsal earlier in the day. With three man puppet it is always nearly impossible to know what is your fault and what is someone else's and it can get pretty emotional. Form the outside it is pretty clear that something is wrong but it is difficult to say who's fault it is. Are the feet dragging

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