Auditions in January 2019

Ever fancied trying your hand at extreme puppetry? It's 5 years since we held auditions and we're very excited to meet new people. If you're a physical performer, actor, dancer or even puppeteers and you would like to try your hand at puppetry send us your details. If you want to develop your skills, work hard, experiment, improvise, work closely with a tight team, and maybe travel abroad to do it, then send us your stuff. You don't have to have done it before but it helps if you know what you are potentially getting into. We can't promise to see everyone but we will try to see as many people as possible. More information CLICK HERE

The Goldilocks of funding question

What is the right relationship of funding to production? If you overfund and underproduce then everyone is well paid but the work is disappointing. On the other hand, if you overproduce and underfund and then everyone is knackered. So I guess you're trying to get it just right. It's not just an insider thing, somehow you can tell when you are in the audience as well, if the ratio of spend to production is right. It's quite important I think. A great example is Mission Impossible - "the money is on the screen" as they say. Even though we know nothing about those amounts of money, we can feel it. It feels right. Having said that getting it just right sounds a bit boring and you can't afford to

always learn

Take work that gives you the most opportunity to learn and approach it in a way that you learn as much as possible. And if it's a success that's a bonus!

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