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Seeking Touring Partners for Spring 2023 

Blind Summit apply their trademark Extreme Puppetry to Shakespeare in a new show: Puppeting Shakespeare.


From a pair of spoons playing Romeo and Juliet to a full sized man being puppeted through "All The World’s A Stage", the puppet players take you on a dazzling and subversive journey through Shakespeare, finding humour in unexpected places and casting fresh light on well known speeches. 


The show employs Blind Summit’s trademark wit, visual flair and intelligent deconstruction to create an evening that is as funny as it is unnerving, as spooky as it is revealing.


This is puppetry like you’ve never seen it before. 

This is Shakespeare like you’ve never heard it before.

This is Puppeting Shakespeare.

Puppeting Shakespeare

Information for venues and bookers

Written and directed by Mark Down and John Nicolson

Performed by Mark Down 

Puppets designed and made by Nick Barnes, Helen Foan, Mark Down, Fiona Clift, Natasha Burns, Rachel Salenius

Designed by: TBC

Lighting and Sound Design: TBC


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