Time changes everything

A puppet is looking down to the right. What is it thinking? Well if you ask the audience, what it is thinking changes with time passing. First it is thinking "What is that over there?" Then, without the puppet doing anything at all, after a half minute or so it is now thinking, "Maybe I should have a closer look". You don't have to do anything. The thought changes with time. Now the puppet can walk towards it if it wants to.

Puppet Touring Hack

If you need to take a puppet onto Easyjet by hand luggage and you can't shove it in your bag because it's too delicate - put it in a Duty Free bag.

A secret puppeteer?

Optician's window in Brig, Switzerland shows definite tendencies towards puppetry

#puppetpossession in progress

Resurrecting the dead and searching for the essence of something truthful. With bin bags. #Henrypuppet rehearsals @Il Funaro

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