Henry grows legs...

So I kind of feel that he needs legs, and I think he's much better with them, but also worse. I am not at all sure why he is made of black plastic bags now. Actually i never was I suppose. But at the same time in a way it seems right. Is he a cancerous lung? A rubbish character? A badly made puppet? A quickly made puppet? A puppet in a body bag? Ideas on a post card please!!! Mark

General Manager applications deadline next Friday, 2 Feb

What are the rewards of working for Blind Summit? Well if you have 4 years experience working in arts administration and you want to try something a bit different, this might be the place for you. You can do whatever you want to here! We are constantly innovating. We like to break the rules, set the standards, surprise and thrill our audiences. We make it up as we go along. We're small, self reliant, creative. The office is next to the workshop, and the rehearsal room is down the corridor. We're a small team that works closely together and looks after each other. And then there are the puppets. They are beautiful and funny and endlessly demanding. All you need is ideas and ambition, drive to

Enthusiasm versus Talent

I've been wondering about this a bit lately. Is it better to want to do something than to be able to do something? Can you learn to do anything if you want to enough?There is no doubt that both are desirable. Everything gets boring and enthusiasm runs out. By the same token if talent is not developed it is not interesting to watch. What makes you continue to do something until you are good at it? What makes you go on after that? Do you have to be so into it that you won't give up? But then if you can't do it at all, why would you keep going?

Show day

To Wimbledon College of Art for puppet project presentations today with Michale Vale. Students presenting 5 minutes sketches on the theme of homelessness. Cardboard string puppets, puppets made of bags of rubbish, a man dancing with shadows on the street, a paper puppet old lady remembering her fall into prostitution, a burning fridge which becomes Grenfell Tower. Good luck guys!

Trygve and the festival of light

Different Party at Soho Theatre tonight - very funny - followed a bit of giant illuminated flamingo action in China town curtesy of Boule Hipster Bunting and Ewen Hunter. Also saw a phone box fish tank outside the Donmar Warehouse. All very surreal in a non challenging, affluent sort of way.

Happy New Year!

Our January newsletter is here - only about 17 days late! CLICK! to see

Nephews driving the Citizen Jack car

The day after boxing day these two came to visit me in the workshop. The puppets worried them which is fair enough I suppose, but the car got them going...

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