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Puppet couples talk about the things that push us together and pull us apart: grand passions, minor irritations, major obsessions, little hang ups, pointless fights and tearful reunions. Love is in the detail.


Strong characters beautifully portrayed by  extraordinary puppets in improvised dialogues that explore domestic life: the laughs, the frustrations, the pleasure, the violence. 

The sex. 

The Sex Lives of Puppets

In development - seeking partners

Some improvisations in ROOM 11...

Written and directed by Mark Down

Based on improvisations by Laura Caldow, Fiona Clift, Mark Down, Sean Garratt

Puppets designed and made by Nick Barnes, Helen Foan, Mark Down, Fiona Clift, Natasha Burns, Rachel Salenius

BOOKERS/ CO-PRODUCERS: If you would be interested in hearing more, supporting development, or presenting this show please contact Mark through:

And if you're not interested - why the hell not? This is cutting edge stuff! Adult puppetry! Art! Difficult yet engaging! In England! In England for God's sake! Hilarious! Poignant! Meaningful! Art... and... and... oh I don't know... what do you want? What DO you want?

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