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Supporting puppetry means...


Investing  in people


People make them

People dress them

People operate them

People light them

People maintain them

People mend them


People book them in the theatres and festivals


And people come and see them and bring them alive in their imaginations


A puppet quite literally does nothing on its own -


They need your help!


Investing in time

It takes up to ten years to learn to operate a Bunraku puppet properly.

It takes up 5 years to develop a new script from scratch. During this process we constantly workshop the ideas to see if they are working.

Out of every ten ideas that we start with perhaps 2 become finished scripts.

It takes on average 6 months to make the cast of puppets for a show.

Your donations support the training of new puppeteers, puppet makers who make our work and make the puppetry and theatre of tomorrow. 

Our goal


We want to reach as many artists, audiences, people who love puppetry and people who have never seen puppetry before all over the world.

Our core purpose is innovation and excellence.

We believe that puppetry has something unique to offer artists and audiences in the theatre.

How can you help?

Donate to support our DIVERSITY program to train new BME artists and to reach new audiences

Donate to support our INCUBATOR programme

Donate to support a show that we are developing in GENERATOR

Donate to support a production being able to reach new audiences in TRAVELLATOR

Become a REGULAR DONOR towards are core costs

Come and see a show

All donations are very gratefully received

What will you receive in return?


Our eternal gratitude

Come to opening nights

Receive regular newsletter with news and views

Donate over £15 and receive a fold-your-own-Moses





Donate over £30 and receive a Limited Edition Moses "I'm on a table" Souvenir Mug




Become a regular donor and receive regular updates on our news, visit us in the studio and in rehearsals, come to special invited run throughs, receive early invitations to opening nights.

To support the puppeteers, puppet makers and puppet script writers of tomorrow...

(And remember to send us your address if you want to receive a thank you gift)

Thank you!

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