Moses's aching feet

A breakthrough on performing The Table in Porto last week. After 370 performances... So the problem: performing the feet is very painful. We've had four people play the role and everyone has been defeated by it. "De-feeted". I don't mean that they weren't brilliant, they were. The feet made the show, and the feet make the show. The feet are the show. The show came from improvisations where the feet did things, and the head remarked on them. But it was such a hard role to repeat. It always seemed to be random whether they had a good show or not. It was always a mountain to climb. Each of the four approached it differently. Nick always improvised. He created the role through improvisation and

What is the voice?

Another thing that confused me for a long time and I see confuses lots of people. The voice is not talking. And talking is not communicating. Talking is part of communicating. The voice is part of talking. So what is the voice? The voice is a noise comes from the voicebox. The voicebox sits behind the Adam's apple at the top of the trachea or windpipe. It is made up of two vocal chords which form a "V" shape. They make sound by vibrating when air is forced between them. That air comes from the chest in the form of breath. Usually an outbreath although it is possible, with practise, to make a kind of voice on the inbreath. Air can go through the voice box without engaging the voice box. Norm

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