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Arhat: Taming the Dragon

Blind Summit has made this short film with Philip Haas for the Kimbell Art Gallery based on an ancient Chinese scroll that thy have in their collection.

The film was made with a cinemascope camera turned on its side to make a tall thin vertical image, and a lens with a focal length from 8 to 80 feet.

With moving cut-out waves, wind machines, live herons, puppet dragons, objects animated by fishing wire - a couple of days of improvised puppet special effects. Great fun and a beautiful, strange, funny 8 minute film.

It was projected onto a verical screen hanging in the pogoda which was re-constructed in the museum as part of Butchers, Dragons, Gods, and Skeletons: An Exhibition of Film Installation by Philip Haas Inspired by Works in the Collection.

Pictures from the filming:

by Philip Haas

With dragon and other puppetry by Blind Summit

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