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Adapted by Blind Summit

From the book by George Orwell

Blind Summit adapts George Orwell's classic dystopian novel for stage with puppets, signs and shouting.


A company of "agit prop" performers from the world of 1984 arrive at the theatre in a truck, unload their rudimentary props and present "The Horrible And Disgusting Story Of The Love Affair Of Thought Criminal Winston Smith and his Whore Lover Julia Birch".


Shouting wildly at the audience, using the simplest special effects with complete disregard for stage craft, any entertainment is unintentional and undesirable. Their only requirement is that you learn to obey Big Brother.

A horribly funny interpretation that re-discovers the dark humour at the heart of Orwell's blackest of satires. Winston and Julia try to find love in a world where language itself is puppeted and the rules are made up as you go along. Eventually only O'Brien holds any hope for them, but his vision of the future is "a boot stamping on a face forever".

Chilling, depressing, funny.

“Fiendishly clever... brilliantly inventive and true to Orwell’s vision”  

Lyn Gardner, Guardian

"Superb acting..."

Dominic Cavendish Telegraph

"Seriously ingenious... the talent, political commitment and energy on display here gives you hope for our own future... energetic and engaging physical theatre."

Critic's Choice, Time Out

Music OMH

The Times

Show History

2009 / 10

  • Theatre Royal, Northampton

  • The Point, Eastleigh

  • The Corn Exchange, Newbury

  • BAC, London




Charrington - Henry Maynard 
Julia - Julia Innocenti 
Katherine - Alice Barclay 
O'Brien - Gergo Danka 
Parsons - Josie Daxter
Syme - Robin Beer 
Smith - Simon Scardifield



Adaptation - Blind Summit Theatre
Director - Mark Down
Designer - Nick Barnes
Lighting Designer - Chahine Yavroyan 
Sound Design & Original Score - Chris Branch
Costume Designer - Dulcie Best


Production Manager- Matt Noddings
Deputy Stage Manager - Jo Strickland
Technical Manager - James Molyneux
Assistant Director - Fiona Clift 
Design Assistant - Lucia Rosenwald 
Puppet Makers - Janet Caddick, Jorunn Hustoft, Henry Maynard, Louella Fernandez-Lempiainen

Amnesty International Media Partners

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