Photo-history of the Hollywood Bowl

Starting from a piano on a platform in 1920... Note the "Bonnie and Clyde" style cars parked against the fence, the reflecting pool, Frank Sinatra, Big Bird, the Beatles... It's a pretty cool venue!


So I'm just getting my head around the task ahead... The Hollywood Bowl has 17000 seats. That means that most people watch the performance on live relay on 4 giant screens placed either side of the stage and half way back in the auditorium. On the stage we are dots, on the screens you can see whites of our eyes (is that an expression?), the stitching of our costumes, or a roughly glued joint. This means that we are doing a live show and making a film. And we're going to be in front of an orchestra The effect is quite strange. When you see someone in close-up you immediately ask where are they on the stage? You need to locate them. Or if you notice something on the stage you look to the camer

Tune versus orchestration in Peter and the Wolf

Ok so I just realised that I've been confusing something about Peter and the Wolf that is actually very simple to unconfuse. I have been thinking of the melodies that the characters are introduced to as the character's theme. But actually, as the narrator says at the beginning, the characters are not represented by tunes, but by instruments. So the strings actually play all sorts of different tunes, but they always represent Peter. What I've been thinking of as "Peter's tune" is actually not "his" tune. What is "his" is the violins. All the instruments play (what I thought of) as Peter's tune at some point in the piece. And his strings play many tunes. What's exciting about this is that when

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