I think Peter is going to be a pioneer...

Current working sketch of Peter for Peter and the Wolf: Soviet-Realist Tractor-Ballet inspired Pioneer-Puppet. We discovered the story of Pavlik Morozov who was also known as Pioneer Number One. His "inspiring" story is that he reported his parents to the authorities for capitalist activity and being Kulaks. After they were imprisoned he was murdered by his grandfather making him a Soviet Martyr. In fact he was never a pioneer. He probably didn't report his parents though he may have been a witness in a court fight between his parents who divroced. He was stabbed to death in the woods when he was 13 in 1932, but probably not by his family as the official story goes. There were statues of him

Peter and the Wolf contract signed...

Blind Summit are making Peter and the Wolf for one night only with the LA Philharmonic Orchestra on 20th August 2019 at the Hollywood Bowl. Only 17,000 tickets available so book now!

3 legs of a show

When making a show I always look for three things. Until I have these I cannot relax and make the show. Sometimes they elude me but I never stop looking for them and until I identify them it is stressful. Once I have them making the show becomes interesting and fun. They are: 1 - a character - the protagonist - who takes us into and through the story. He is the "fish" and he should be "out of water" 2 - a situation - that the protagonist finds himself in - the "out of water" part 4 - a theatrical conceit - a scene that you want to see on stage that illuminates the main theme. The main character may or may not be in it, but everything in the show leads to and away from this scene. The plot. I


Rehearsing Peter and the Wolf

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