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POPuP - mano no aware


Blind Summit and T42 Dance Projects collaborate to create an hallucinatory world of self assembly, cardboard structures, strange encounters, and pop up characters. 

Inspired by the graphic novel "Ou Vont Nos Peres?", "The Invisible Art" by Scott McLeod, and the Japanese philosophy of Mano No Aware.

When in lockdown... Dance!

"A Masterpiece!" U.F. from STJF

Supported by The Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation

Choreography: Misato Inoue and Felix Demeril

Dance: Koto Aoki, Nori Aoki, Misato Inoue, Felix Demeril

Puppeteer/ Actor: Mark Down

Lighting Design: Michael Mannion 

Set Design:  Jann Messerli

Music: Yves Ribis

Coach: Izumi Shuto

Tschnician: Lola Rosarot

Producer: Thomas Peronnet

Produced by: T42 Dance Projects in collaboration with Blind Summit Theatre and Tojo Theatre, Bern


20 Mar 2021 - Theater am Gleis, Winterthur

26 & 27 Mar 2021 - Theater im Kornhaus, Baden

4 & 5 Jun 2021 - Kulturmarkt, Zurich


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