the "up" and the "down" of feet

The feet pick up, before they step down. Up down. Maybe they pick up on an in-breath and put down on an out-breath, but not necessarily. But they always go up before they go down. The back foot presses down so that the front foot can be picked up. Then the front foot lands to pick up the back foot. 2 movements in each leg for each step. 4 movements to take two steps. And I'm starting to sound like the beginning of Alan Partridge's autobiography, so I'll leave it there.

The Puppet Centre

Get the feet right. Then put the body on the feet. Then put the breath in the body. Then speak. One of the things we try to do as actors is centre ourselves. Centre our voice. All this means is that everything is acting together. In theatre we describe is as being centred. All the movements of the body including twitches of the toes, fingers, breath, mouth, eyes etc are connected through the centre. The centre being an imagined point somewhere below the tummy button. That is all it means. But it's a powerful concept, a sort of magical concepts, and it can be quite scary when someone is saying "you're not centred..." etc. In real life we are mostly centred, most of the time. (In some senses i

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