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Board of Governors

Ben Figgis

Ben Figgis is headmaster of Ardingly School.

Fiona Arnold

Fiona Arnold is a Consultant neurosurgeon at Kings College Hospital.

Nick Bayly

Nick Bayly is a Sports Journalist who specialises in Golf

Sarah Simmons

Sarah Simmons is an actor and Voice coach. 


Mark Down

Artistic Director

Mark co-founded Blind Summit in 1997 with Nick Barnes. He is director, writer, performer, designer. 

Charlina Lucas


Charli has worked at Blind Summit as puppet maker, assistant director, costume designer, administrator, stage manager, production manager and technician.


Mark Price

Mark Price at Amanda Howard Agency represents Mark Down and Blind Summit for Direction and Puppetry Direction worldwide.

Ana Sala

Ana Sala of Ikebanah Arts Escenicas acts as tour booker for Blind Summit in Spain and Portugal.

Associate Artists

Fiona Clift

Fiona Clift has worked in many capacities for Blind Summit - as performer in Madam Butterfly, The Table, Le Rossignol, Peter and the Wolf.

Giulia Innocenti

Giulia Innocenti is an actress and puppeteer who performed in Low Life and Madam Butterfly. 

Hattie Naylor

Hattie Naylor is a writer who worked with Blind Summit on Henry, A Puppet Possessed

Sean Garratt

Sean Garratt is an actor puppeteer who performed in The Table, The Magic Flute, Le Rossignol, Peter and the Wolf. 

Ruth Paton

Ruth is a designer who worked with Blind Summit on many projects including Le Rossignol and Peter and the Wolf


Hijinx is a mult-ability arts company who collaborated wiht Blind Summit to make Meet Fred which has been touring for nearly 10 years. 

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