A New New image Henry

So we threw everything out and started again. Took him out of the shopping trolley. Cut his speeches. Changed the dialogue. Added a 2 more people to the cast. Out with the old in with the new. Having spent 6 months almost going over and over old material the penny finally dropped. The solution we were looking for wasn't there. The original idea behind "Tramping the Boards" came from thinking that the stage picture of me sitting on a chair beside the puppet, which was sitting on a shopping trolley, could be a son nursing his dying father. The idea was to make a text that grew out of this puppet-puppeteer relationship. We were exploring the same idea in The Spaceman. And in Mr China's Son. And

Time for Chicken Kiev

Just arrived in Ukraine for final stage of British Council mentoring job on Psychosis 448. Checked in. going to head down road for a local chicken. Then meet the team at 4.30 to plan the week ahead. Shows open Next Tuesday and Wednesday in Kiev. It's cool - minus 4, a little bit snowy, sun is shining, blue sky. I'm up for it!

Trying a different puppet for Henry...

So we're really struggling with Henry. Everything we try isn't working, and we're really not sure about the puppet at all. we tried adding big pram wheels to make it more like he's in a wheelchair. We tried scenery, we tried adding legs, we tried clouds in hanging from the ceiling. But he still didn't really work. The real problem is we don't know why he's made of black plastic bags. What it has to do with his story. So yesterday we considered a whole new puppet. Hmmm... Are we going mad? Tell us what you think!

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