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Always say yes to artists - they give you a new perspective

US photographer Maundy Mitchell emailed me to ask if she could take my photograph for her series "Life's Work". It would take a few minutes out of the day and she would give me a copy. On the day I turned up without a puppet and of course she wanted me to have a puppet so I cycled to the studio and got a puppet and cycled back. So in the end it took a little longer. The photo-session itself took seconds. I saw them yesterday. To be honest all I see is that my hair doesn't look so thin as it often does these days, so I'm happy. In the photos I am holding Moses's head a bit like Hamlet holding the skull. I like it. It's simple but a shot I haven't seen before. The puppeteer as actor. And it's a great series. Have a look and see what you think. Thank you Maundy for inviting me to take part.


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