Further thoughts in the garden...

I've been thinking about my realisation from yesterday and I've got some more:

That's what we're watching when we watch acting. People looking like they are thinking that they are somewhere doing something, when actually they are on a stage, or a film set or whatever. Our participation in that deception, that game, is the thrill.

"He looks like..." In other words, I have observed, we are observing.

"...he really is thinking..." doesn't mean he is thinking this, only that it looks like he is. In other words it's our interpretation.

"...that he's in a garden." doesn't mean he is in a garden, but that he thinks he's in a garden.

But it doesn't mean he is mad. Or that he looks like he's mad.

Nor does it mean that he looks like he is in a garden, he looks like he is on a table.

It only means he looks like he thinks he is in a garden.

Or to put it another way:

"He thinks he's in a garden" - is madness.

"He looks like he's in a garden" - is gardening.

"He looks like he thinks he is in a garden" - is acting.

Ok a bit arse-picking but I love this stuff! Over and out.



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