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Here it is...

What it looks like on a coffee table

A Practical Guide to Puppetry has finally been printed. And delivered and I have some. You can now buy it and receive it in 1-2 days! Yes that's 1-2 days. It's already reduced on Amazon to £22.50, or you can buy it from "Brook Bookstore" for £26.43 - their USP seems to be that they are more expensive. There's a kindle version for £18.04 - not sure what that's like, I haven't seen it. And there are "used like new" copies available although I think they might actually be "seconds" rather than second hand. Or you can order a signed copy from me directly, and I'll write whatever you like in it, for £24 plus postage which is about £3 to UK and £6.25 to non-UK-Europe.

I can't bare to read it again yet but I do like picking it up and feeling the pages. It's great quality. The pictures are beautifully laid out and well printed. It's a lovely thing. And I hope it's useful. It's got everything I could think of to write about how I teach puppetry, train puppeteers, design puppets, direct puppets, write for puppets, perform and think about puppetry. It's all written in the form of exercises with explanations and tips for doing them better. I hope it will be useful for teachers, directors, puppeteers, designers, writers. If you need run a puppetry workshop, or a rehearsal, to take a class or you're making a lesson plan, or if you're directing, or if you just want to practise your puppetry alone even. You can do lots of the exercises on your own or in groups. Some you need groups to do.

To order a signed copy email me at and mark the subject matter "BOOK ORDER" and I'll let you know what you need to do to receive your copy.

In UK - £24 + £3.50 postage and packing

In EU - £24 + £6.75 postage and packing


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