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What I've seen so far at the Fringe...

"Being Alone" by celebrated Australian one woman monologue artist Janice Bruce McHeath (Fiona Clift) - at The Natural Food Kafe (NFK) - RATING: Highly nutritional. Special Award for amazingly cool and hilarious Kate Tempest poem.

"Mistero Buffo" hardcore brilliant one man play performed by "simply outstanding" Julian Spooner at Underbelly - RATING: Awesomely awesomeI can go home now.

"It's not a sprint" by Grace Chapman - very very cool performance of a very clever script that she wrote herself about running a marathon - best line "the pantomime horse is behind you" - is that a spoiler? RATING: The show will run and run

"The Pin" - almost too much charm - from two boyish boys being charming and why not? RATING: what the expression "delightfully silly" was invented for.

"Xenos" - Akram Khan's last solo. Astonishing set, beautiful lighting, brain busting music. Mind=blown etc.

"Revenants" - on after us in King Dome - lovely, old school, story about two queens (one is actually a Queen and the other is a film star), a Jamaican chauffeur and a black American GI. RATING: All lives matter (I know that isn't a rating)

Reviewing is hard - I take my hat off to anyone who makes anything and I've liked everything I've seen. And to reviewers who watch them and write horrible things and sometimes very nice things. On the whole reviewers have helped us this week with our development of Henry in front of audiences in Edinburgh.

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