New Scripts, new puppets, new techniques in puppetry

We make our work through a a process of trial and error, in the workshop and rehearsal room.

To make a show we need to work out the relationship between the characters in the story, the puppets and the puppeteers...

E.g. The Table

We began with a puppet Goldstein from our rehearsals for 1984. Then we did:

3 weeks WORKSHOPPING to develop a new puppetry concept - a puppet "Moses" on a table explaining how puppetry works

3 weeks MAKING to adapt the puppet

4 WRITING periods 

2 weeks puppet TRAINING

13 weeks DEVISING REHEARSALS over 2 years




Reading scripts - Devising new puppets - Reviewing old puppets

New opera project with Elena Langer

Classic text 


Making scripts work for puppetry - Commisioning new scripts


Citizen Puppet

Tramping the Boards


Designing and making a cast of puppets

Call of the Wild

Citizen Puppet


Finding the a puppetry concept - Who are the puppeteers?

Digital experiments

Citizen Puppet

Blind Summit Studio

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