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BY MARK DOWN AND BEN KEATON cumming to EDINBURGH FRINGE, and will return to LONDON in Autumn!

Pleasance Beyond: 31Jul - 25Aug, 9.30pm - BOOK NOW!


Southwark Playhouse 4 - 28 Sep 3.30, 8pm - BOOK NOW!

Nominated for 2 Offies! 



★★★★★ "Is it too early to start talking about the best shows of the year?”  


★★★★ "Laugh-out-loud funny”.


★★★★ “Had me laughing my head off"

★★★★ "Uproariously funny"


★★★★ "Side-splittingly funny”

★★★★ "Wild and wacky”

★★★★ "Frank, honest, funny”


★★★★ “Overflows with humour and pointed honesty” 

★★★★ “A refreshingly positive message about sharing intimacy, shedding inhibitions and finding your own joy”.

★★★★ "you will leave the theatre with a goofy smile wondering what the hell you have just witnessed, but eager for more" 

★★★★ "A refreshingly original, very funny show” 

THe boOK!

Cover from Crowood site.webp

by Mark Down

A new book on how to do puppetry: exercises, photographs, diagrams, and critical thoughts that cover everything from performing, rehearsing, directing, designing, using mechanisms... Everything I've learned of from 21 years experience in Blind Summit.

Signed copies available to UK for £24 + p&p £6.00 

Email your request to:

BOOK ORDER in the subject line

Paperback (unsigned) or ebook version available direct from publisher:

And discounted versions wherever you usually get your discounted puppetry books!


I can send signed copies to Europe for £24+p&p, but there will probably be an extra charge for local taxes when you receive the parcel. They are very difficult to predict because the problem isn't actually the tax but handling fees that the postal service may choose to add. Anyway I am more than happy to send if you want them. 

If not then you can also order it at  Book Depository who promise to ship worldwide for free. 

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