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Ok what are the clues? What are the rules? How do you do it?

This is about follow the leader. The leader is the fish at the front of the group. If you don't see a fish in front of you then it's you. Follow the fish that your fish can see - in other words the fish immediately in front of you. Each fish follows the nearest fish to it.

The power of the leader is to make another leader. Tun your fish sharply to the right, or to the left, or go over the top, or under. As you do so, if all the fish follow the movement, another fish will almost instantly be in front of you. That fish is now the leader.

The thing that is interesting is how quickly the group can change the leader. There is a refractory time while the new leadership information canons through the group to the back fish. The back fish might have been the front fish a moment ago. Be aware what it feels like to go from leader to follower or the other way round. Which one do you like most?

How quickly can the shoal of fish change leader? And change again? How quickly does the audience (you when you are watching) want it to happen? Can your group/ shoal of fish change that fast? Tip - make sure your turns are big and clear and strong so that they definitely change the leader each time you turn.

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