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Undergraduate Certificate in Business Administration

The Undergraduate Certificate in Business Administration program is designed for individuals seeking skills to enhance their present careers or to pursue new ones. Students planning to pursue an undergraduate degree some time in the future will benefit from this certificate.

By focusing on professional areas, this program is a convenient and intensive way for busy professionals to write my capstone paper for me remain current and develop new skills. Courses provide exposure to processes and procedures in contracting, electronic business, and developing and running a business.

As office automation evolves, retraining and continuing education remain a critical part of administrative jobs. Continuing changes in the office environment have increased the demand for administrative assistants and other office support personnel who are adaptable, versatile, and proficient in office software such as Microsoft Word and Excel, and database programs like Access. Skills in navigating, searching and exploring the Web also enhance the efficiency and pay for papers capability of the administrative support personnel. Strayer University’s Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Information Systems with an Emphasis in Office Information Technology prepares administrative assistants and similar staff for the challenges of today’s office environment by imparting these and other relevant skills.

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