We commissioned 3 writers, Jack Thorne, Alice Birch and David Katounas to write short monologues about how global issues impact on individual people’s lives. Using these we are trying to work out what a “puppet monologue” might be. This is the first time we have worked with puppets with moving mouths, or worn masks and gloves. It is an attempt to develop new writing for adult puppetry - we will see what happens!

We make all our work through improvisation in front of audiences. So far we have presented monologues both in special work-in-progress performances, and after the show whilst on tour in the UK. We have received amazing feedback from audiences.

TINA by David Katounas

HOWIE by Alice Birch

GARETH by Jack Thorne

Premiere Pleasance Theatre 2013 as part of Suspense

The Puppet Monologues

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