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Be Safe

with Nigel Mound

With the British Museum & RSC

Nigel Mound, "here to keep you safe and sound!"


As part of the BP Shakespeare: staging the world exhibition, Blind Summit was commissioned to create a new performance responding to the collection.


After being given objects including a rapier sword and ye olde picture of the thames for inspiration, the company devised a new character in the form of Nigel Mound.


Nigel is a fully-trained over enthusiastic safety officer. With his trusty clipboard, high-vis jacket and collection of signage he plans to make this planet a safer place.


Taking Shakespeare's contemporary theatre world as a starting point, Nigel made a riveting yet informative lecture on the dangers that could lie ahead for an 16th century audience member-


Be Safe - An introductory talk by the Puppet Processing Department for Health and Safety


You are about to cross dangerous waters and visit the London Southbank of the 16th century and enter a shadowy world of disease, petty theft, knife-crime, bear-baiting and prostitution. Going to see Shakespeare was not for the faint-hearted. Today before you enter the exhibition, you will receive a short health and safety briefing delivered by a puppet alerting you to the perils that lie ahead for the contemporary theatre goer. Belt up, strap in and sign here.


Forearmed is forewarned.

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