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Nick Barnes

Co-founder, Puppet designer, Actor-puppeteer

Nick co-founded Blind Summit with Mark Down in 1997.

Fiona Clift

Actor-puppeteer, Director

Fi worked as assistant director on 1984, The Heads, Henry, a theatrical memoire from beyond the grave. She worked as actor puppeteer in Olympic opening ceremony, The Magic Flute, The Table, Citizen Puppet, Rossignol.

Tom Espiner


Tom has performed in Madam Butterfly, The Olympic Opening Ceremony, The Table. He co-devised Henry, Little Match Girl and Henry, a theatrical memoire from beyond the grave. 

Sean Garratt

Actor, Puppeteer

Described as "Kleine Man" on tour in the back of a cab in Germany there is nothing small about his talent. Clown, puppeteer, actor, voice over artist and teacher. Part of the original casts of Blind Summit's The Table, Rossignol, Peter and the Wolf, Little Match Girl, Magic Flute, Olympics. Visit his website here:

Giulia Innocenti

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Giulia performed with Blind Summit in Madam Butterfly, Low Life, and 1984. She helped make Little Match Girl, Citizen Puppet and Henry.

Hattie Naylor

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Olivier Award nominated PLAYWRIGHT whose credits include Ivan and the Dogs, The Night Watch, Going Dark, and Bluebeard. She worked with Blind Summit on Henry and Citizen Jack as script consultant.

Ruth Paton

Designer, Puppet maker

Ruth Paton is a designer. She worked with Blind Summit on Rossignol, Citizen Jack, Henry. 



Blind Support collaborated with Hijinx to make their extraordinarily successful show "Meet Fred"



Blind Summit supported Humanish making their unique humanette show Holy Presents

Puppets with Guts


Blind Summit supports Puppets with Guts by offering Producing expertise, office space and workshop space to make their giant walk about puppets.

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What  do we look for?


We are looking for artists who want to make long term investment in puppet theatre and in Blind Summit. Artists that we can invest training in who will go on to perform in many of our shows, run workshops. 

They are performers, makers, designers, writers. 

We are looking for all round artists who are interested in the devising process, are ambitious for the art form of puppet based theatre, are ambitious for Blind Summit and most importantly for themselves. 

If you are someone who might be interested in developing a long term relationship with Blind Summit please let us know. Our process of finding and appointing artists is organic and comes from working with us over a period of time and different projects.

We are particularly looking for BAME artists

What do we offer?

Associate Artists participate closely in the making of all our work, are our first call to cast in our shows, act as ambassadors for the company, and run workshops. They receive long term training on a paid basis over a series of shows. They have access to the workshop and rehearsal room to make their own work.

Email us now for more information and to apply

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